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Home Construction Stages & Selections


Briarstone Building is committed to making the home building process as easy as possible for the homeowner. With years of experience, we understand that some homeowners will only build one or two homes in their lifetime and therefore it can be a little overwhelming.

Briarstone Building also understands how busy families are nowadays with so many obligations and time restraints. To help homeowners we have formulated six stages of the building process that gives you a more clear vision of each stage of your new home. This chart is designed for homeowners to schedule their time in picking out selections so that the process is less stressful. Briarstone Building takes pride in working closely with clients to build them their dream home.

6 stages to the home building process.

*Some items may not apply to your contract.

Design Stage

  • Architectural drawings
  • Plot plan by our surveyor showing various building requirements
  • Out building location
  • Deck and patio locations
  • Heavy flooring locations such as stone or tile
  • Back up generator requirements
  • Gas appliance requirements
  • Basement bathroom and kitchen rough in locations
  • Basement wall height
  • Golf simulator requirements
  • Solar panel
  • Geothermal heating requirements
  • Heated driveway or sidewalk requirements

Foundation Stage

  • Window colors, Style, mutton selections
  • Roof shingle color
  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Exterior doors
  • Garage doors
  • Fireplace selection
  • Fireplace hearth material
  • Fireplace raised or flush
  • Fireplace mantle (basic idea)
  • Tub selections
  • Exterior painting siding and trim colors
  • Gutters

Rough Stage

  • Plumbing -fixture layout and rooms requiring additional shower heads
  • Plumbing fixtures if different than contract specifications
  • Cabinet layout
  • Appliance selection required for final cabinetry sign off
  • Electrical walk through-recess lighting, plugs, exterior lighting
  • Address location (metal numbers or stone)

Insulation Stage

  • Tile selections
  • Interior paint selections
  • Window / door trim style and selection
  • Stair and baluster selection
  • Base molding
  • On site built in detail (benches, wood shelving)

Drywall Stage

  • Cabinet hardware
  • Interior door hardware selection
  • Counter top selection
  • Interior door selections
  • Wood flooring
  • Carpet
  • Mirror and shower door selections
  • Driveway and patio layout
  • Exterior door decor

Final Stage

  • Final walk through to create punch list
  • Final municipality inspections
  • Final bank inspections

Standard contract specifications will be installed unless a change order is written and approved.

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